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Daniel O’Rourke is an English Producer and the Founder of Not To Scale, a multi-disciplined film and animation studio established in London, in 2005. A film graduate,  Dan has since dedicated his life to producing films that use beautifully crafted imagery and strong storytelling to delight and engage audiences everywhere, making Not To Sale, the international, award winning, animation studio that it is today. Dividing his time between Europe, the UK and the United States, he lives in Hackney, East London.

“We often find our true self, when lost in a great story.”

– Dan o’rourke



Founder Dan O’Rourke

Not To Scale is an international film and animation studio with a varied roster of both experienced and emerging, trend setting Directors. Not To Scale harnesses both digital and traditional filmmaking techniques to craft visually engaging films. Their roster of talent contains BAFTA and Academy nominated and award-winning Directors.

Since 2005 Not To Scale has continued to grow and diversify as broadcast and entertainment needs have shifted to accommodate new media platforms. With production hubs, in four of the world’s most exciting creative cities, London, L.A., New York & Amsterdam.  Not To Scale works with the world’s best channels and brands to deliver high quality, entertaining films. From cell-phones to cinema screens and beyond, the quality and impact of their work, is, like their namesake, truly Not To Scale.


Events and Organisations

Dan has been a guest on panels and has been invited to give talks at various production industry events.

Dan has also been invited onto award juries as well as helping in an advisory capacity for production industry organisations some of which include:

British Arrows, British Animation Awards, AICP, APA, IPA, Supinfocom, Shots & Style Frames.


Interview with Shots for their highlight spot called “On My Radar”.

Interview with the leading digital magazine for Post Production & Production communities.

Creative Social is a collective of the world’s most pioneering, interactive creative directors and business owners.

An interview with leading media magazine, Stash, about Not To Scale’s expansion into LA.


Dan was nominated by industry peers to be a judge for the  AICP Awards in the Animation and Design categories.

Craft jury selection.

Dan was invited to judge the EMEA animation categories for the Shots Awards.



A keen supporter of charities and noteworthy causes outside of their commercial work, Not To Scale has produced work for a wide variety of organisations in the nonprofit sector:

Comic Relief, Doctors of the World, Katie Haines Trust, Childline, Vodafone Foundation, Girl Effect, Planned Parenthood, Parents for Future, Norwegian Red Cross, Action Aid, Paediatric Brain Tumour Foundation, and Refuge.

Featured NONPROFIT  Work

Featured NONPROFIT  Work

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